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We are contacting you to let you know - we think your products are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G! Your product  (Surgeons Skin Secret - Twist Up Tube - Vanilla) literally H*E*A*L*E*D the skin on my husband's feet, after he recently suffered a massive heart attack. The Surgeons Skin Secret 'softened' the dead skin so it could be safely removed - and at the same time - 'protected' the healthy skin from cracking or becoming infected. A*M*A*Z*I*N*G! Thank You for being such an excellent company and creating such excellent products!  We are telling everybody about Surgeons Skin Secret - its A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!" - Mr & Mrs Booker


"Thank you for my recent order. It was delivered in a timely manner and I am happy to be connected with your company once again. I have been a customer since you first went on QVC many years ago. Fortunately most of the products I ordered back then lasted me a very long time. Your products are worth every penny I spent. I ran out of the lemon manicure set and was so glad you still had it available. I have the jars the sticks and am anxious to try the lotion. It is so good to have a product that heals wounds, moisturizes and works on nails as well. Thank you for all you do and at such reasonable prices." - Concetta G.


"My elderly mother is bedridden. She insists on using the stick moisturizer on her back and buttocks. It is soothing to her and seems to assist with healing sores quickly. She would have had much more trouble without the use of it." - Brenda H.


"I'm on a tough cancer medication that breaks down the skin. My doctor is quite surprised by the wonderful way Surgeon's Skin Secret is keeping my skin intact. Last round I used his suggestions and suffered from very painful hands and feet from tearing and red blotchy face. This time I'm using SSS only at night with gloves. My skin is PERFECT. My face has no redness at all. His nurse was skeptical but she was really shocked to see my skin yesterday. Thank you so much!!! You've taken away so much pain. I used to have to decide which cuts were the worst because I couldn't function with both hands bandaged." - Valerie C.


"I love Surgeons Skin Secret and have been using it for about two years on my rough dry feet and on my face especially around my eyes. I live in NV which is very dry and I turned 50yrs old in Aug. people think I am joking when I tell them how old I am they think I am in my 30's and my daughters who are 31 and 30 are my sisters!! I think SSS has really helped me...They do an excellent job when I order, informing me of when the product was shipped and where I can track my order I would recommend Jamark to everyone"...Marjie C. - Nevada


"I am writing this letter to thank you for your Surgeon's Skin Secret. I have told many of my friends about the benefits of Surgeon's Secret and they are happy with it too. I recently placed an order and was reading some of the testimonials posted on your website. To my surprise none reference the benefits of Surgeon's Secret for scars. I have been fighting a stubborn cancer located behind my nasal cavity that has resulted in multiple operations in the area of my nose and the top of my head. As you can imagine the scars are very visible. I have applied Surgeon's Secret after each operation and am very happy with the results. The tissue heals smooth and flat. My doctors are very proud of the minimal visibility of the scars. I have told them about your product and the ability it has to keep the tissue flexible and soft. I believe it is Surgeon's Secret that has made me heal so well. I also use it when I have any cuts. Once the injury has closed I apply Surgeon's Secret and it stays moisturized and soft. The healing process speeds up and I see little to no marks. Thank you again, I will continue to be a loyal customer." - Patrick K.


"I am a potter and have terrible trouble with dry skin. Your product is the only thing that I have found that really works for me. I am getting samples to give to my friends. I LOVE your product." - Joyce S.


"Surgeon's Skin Secret is the best thing I have ever used to soften rough skin on my elbows. I'm looking forward to your Lip balm when it is available." - R.W., Clackamas, OR


"I have been paying upwards of $70.00 for moisturizers that have not helped me as much as Surgeon's Skin Secret. Thank you for your product." - Carol M.


"My husband has been treating with dermatologists for 5/6 years to help his hands which are so dry they crack and break open with blisters and sores. Your cream has almost completely healed him with the first jar. We are hoping that with this second jar his problem will finally be gone. Thanks" - Lauri S.


"Living in the mountains of Northern New Hampshire, where the winter air is very dry, I have spent years living with "sandpaper" feet and hands. After having tried numerous creams and lotions, without any success, I bought your Surgeon's Skin Secret Beeswax Moisturizer. I started by applying it my feet just before putting on my socks in the morning. To my great surprise (and delight!) within no time, my feet felt as smooth as silk. I have been doing this every day all winter, and I am so pleased with the results. I also use it on my hands, and I love the fact that it does not have to be constantly re-applied throughout the day. Your product is so special, that I have given it to several friends. Now they're hooked! Thank you for your product. You have made me a loyal customer." 


"I have used this product on a regular basis for my patients who have had hand surgery. I regularly provide samples of this to my patients after their sutures are removed. I feel that this promotes the healing of the area with softer scar and less irritation. I have especially found this helpful with patients who have thick callouses and drier skin." Mark DeHaan, M.D.


"Surgeon's Skin Secret really works! It reduces the irritating feeling of my dry skin during the day. Many other diabetics said it has really worked well for their skin irritations." - R. Turner, CDE TENDON Diabetes Outreach Network


"Surgeon's Skin Secret has been a God send to me! I am a diabetic and suffered a foot rash for 10 years. SSS is a miracle. The cracks on my toes were healed with only a few applications." - E.C., Univ. PA School of Nursing