Surgeon's Skin Secret™ Beeswax Moisturizer 4oz. & 1oz. Jar (Combo Pack) - 4 Scents Available

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Surgeon's Skin Secret™ beeswax moisturizer is an exclusive all-natural skin revitalization formula that is good for all skin conditions. Only a minimal amount is needed to be effective. When applied morning and night it begins to heal dry, chapped, cracked, irritated skin as well as minor cuts, scrapes and burns almost overnight. This long-lasting formula puts a protective coating on your skin that seals in your body's natural moisture so you can wash your hands several times before you need to reapply.

  • Contains 50% Beeswax
  • Comes in unscented as well as light natural fragrances
  • Helps moisturize dry skin
  • Lasts through repeated hand washings
  • Made in the USA!

Directions: To help reduce the appearance and feel of dry, chapped, irritated skin. Using thumbnail, scrape small amount from jar and gently massage Surgeon’s Skin Secret™ into affected area. Apply as needed.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Mineral Oil, Lanolin

Warning: Honey Almond fragrance contains NATURAL almond oil. If you are allergic or sensitive to peanuts (or nuts in general) PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING to see if you would be affected.

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Written by Ragma on Apr 15th 2020

Wonderful product...I cannot use most hand creams due to dermatitis eczema...this products has made a difference in the way my hands feel...keeping them soft and avoiding the cracking that happens occasionally!

Love the Beeswax moisturizer
Written by Joy on Jan 28th 2020

This is my all time favorite hand/feet moisturizer. My husband says that it is the only product that helps his hands/finger tips when they are cracked. I use it every night on my hands and lips. Works great before and after working with water or gardening. Try it , you will not be disappointed. I purchase the unscented.

Love it
Written by Karen Moon on Jan 25th 2019

Love Surgeons Skin cream. Best ever for dry skin.

Beeswax moisturizer
Written by Anne Wawrzyniak on Nov 17th 2018

Haven't gotten them yet, anxiously awaiting them as my current jar is running low. Let's hope the postal service delivers them today. All kidding aside, this is one of the BEST products I have ever used on my hands, feet, and lips!

Beeswax moisturizer
Written by Toby Gearries on Jan 23rd 2018

Totally love this product. I clean houses for a living and even wearing gloves my hands will still lack moisture and crack around my nails during the winter months especially. Applying the Beeswax moisturizer before bed and again in the morning before work takes care of the unwanted dryness and cracking. Thanks for making an all natural skin treatment that really works effortlessly.

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